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The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy - Alternative DVD Commentaries

Josh & Justin are The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy. We record commentaries for classic and contemporary films. 

Oct 8, 2011

The mother of the Soulless Minions joins us once more with this commentary. We're taking a look at the 1996 film aptly titled -- Mother. Its was co-written and directed by Albert Brooks and among all of his films we think its one of his best. It also stars Debbie Reynolds who delivers a very funny and down to earth performance. This is simply a great movie that might appear a bit low key on the surface but under that surface it's really a strong and true to life examination of the relationship between a mother and her son. And that's a kind of relationship that isn't often examned in film. It's really a hidden gem.

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This Commentary was recorded using a Region 1 DVD

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The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy
eight and a half years ago

Thanks for listening even though you haven't seen it. Glad we managed to keep things interesting for you throughout the commentary. But now that you've listened to our commentary I hope you check out the movie. It's really good. I think you'd dig it.

eight and a half years ago

Fantastic commentary. Never heard of the film, so I've never seen it, but I was fascinated by the mother and son dynamic and enjoyed it thoroughly. Would like to heard more of that.