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The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy - Alternative DVD Commentaries

Josh & Justin are The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy. We record commentaries for classic and contemporary films. 

Oct 10, 2011

The Soulless Minions (AKA - Justin & Josh) are lifelong Star Trek fans. So it is with much excitement and delight that we are presenting our first Star Trek Commentary. Justin and I are looking back at the 9th Star Trek film -- Star Trek: Insurrection. The year was 1998 and Insurrection was coming off the heels of the grandeur and success of Star Trek: First Contact. So Justin and I went into this film with very high expectations. As I'm sure was the case for most Star Trek fans. However, Insurrection left us disappointed. Perhaps our combined anticipation and expectations were to simply too high. Nevertheless, Insurrection is by no means a bad movie. It was well directed by Jonathon Frakes and competently produced. The film has quality and good production values. But is it a lack of scope? Often Insurrection has been noted as being more like an episode of the series than the cinematic adventure people were expecting. Justin and I share in that outlook. But as it is Star Trek we have warm feelings for it anyway despite our disappointment. Our commentary attempts to analyze the what we feel works and what we feel doesn't work. And also why the movie feels "small" in comparison to the other Star Trek films.

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seven and a half years ago

Sorry I wasn't able to join you on the podcast! It would have been fun.