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The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy - Movie Commentaries

Josh & Justin are The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy. We record commentaries for classic and contemporary films. 

Aug 29, 2011

What an awesome movie! Justin and I had a great time looking back on this classic from 1985. Not only is it a favorite from our youth but it holds up remarkably well considering its age. We both feel whole heartedly that there's a fair amount grace, charm and subtlety under the surface of what some may dismiss as "just another 80's movie". Having not seen it in a number of years we both found it to be surprisingly touching and heartfelt. We hope you will as well. Maybe it's not perfect but it's pros outweigh its cons.

Sync Point: The black point immediately after the MGM logo has faded away.

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nine and a half years ago

PAL, you say?
You must live on the other side of the world. Cool! I love it when we can communicate with people seemingly so far away. Hoped you liked our commentary as much as we liked recording it. Like I mentioned during the commentary we were both caught off guard at how much we enjoyed the movie. Sorry you had to dig up a VHS tape just to listen to our commentary. But I'm glad you went that extra step. That's pretty cool. That must mean you dig our stuff. That was funny to hear about how your wife reacted to your VHS discoveries. LOL. Hope we don't put you through to much grief. Have her watch the heavenly kid with you. Then she'll be okay with the whole thing because the movie is just so good. Or maybe it's more of a guy movie? Do you think? I hope it can cross the gender barrier. As for your other VHS tapes--let me know what you find. I love unearthing old movies and tapes. It feels like lost treasure. We've got another 80's movie coming up next but if there's something you'd like us to do, a specific movie, please let us know. We're very interested to hear any suggestions you might have. Maybe some other hidden gem from the 80's.

nine and a half years ago

Oh thank you!
Remembered I had this one on VHS in the attic. Had to find it, and 20 year old VHS player (which still works!). Then had to watch it - after recoding your commentary to fit a PAL VHS.
Stopped commentary ten minutes in to watch film, then had to watch it again with commentary.
Unfortunately, found a pile of other VERY old VHS tapes which I'm going to have to watch again.
My wife might well kill me - she might well kill you afterwards.
Looking forward to the next one.
All the best.