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The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy - Movie Commentaries

Josh & Justin are The Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy. We record commentaries for classic and contemporary films. 

Oct 15, 2012

There's no Kryptonite. There's no Lex Luther. For this is a different struggle for The Man of Steel. In this fantastic animated tale Superman finds himself at odds with a group of powerful beings -- The Elite. The Elite claim to be a force for good but their form of dishing justice is against Superman's established...

Oct 3, 2012

Soulless Minion, Josh, goes solo for a commentary on the 2004 film The Notebook directed by Nick Cassavetes and adapted from the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks.

Noah and Allie are both bright eyed and bushy tailed, young and fancy free. They have a chance encounter one evening at a local fair and soon after...